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  • nas server 4bay
  • nas server 4bay
  • nas server 4bay
  • nas server 4bay
nas server 4baynas server 4baynas server 4baynas server 4bay

nas server 4bay

  • 4 PCS HDD Can be installed
  • Dimension
  • Weight
  • Speed: 10M/100M/1000M
  • Product description:
backup scheduling,
file sync,
snapshots to protect NAS data,
network storage,
file share,
RAID disk,
remote connection with NAS,
Access Nas from any device,
personal cloud,
family cloud,
enterprise cloud,
data store,
sync data,
remote access,
mobile App,
store terabytes of massive data no monthly fee,
enjoy same service as public cloud,
backup mobile phone and computer data,
share space with your friend,
share file and sync file between various platforms and devices,
use Nas space as a folder on your computer(windows and mac),
use a web browser to remotely manage Nas file,
nas has rich applications more than you can image,
nas is a must in multimedia audio-visual studios,
photo management,
video management,
music management,
monitoring server,
office server
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